Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 1

Weight: 139.4lb

I'm calling this my official Day 1 as I only really got the idea to do this at about 4pm yesterday afternoon - that doesn't count as a full 24 hours my friend.  So I wanted to clarify what it is I'm hoping to achieve with all of this.  I recently had a health scare - emphasis on the word 'scare', I am indeed fine - but it put alot of things into perspective for me and I feel it's time I started to treat my body with a little more respect.

I eat whatever the hell I want to - thai food for lunch followed by pasta for dinner.  If it's unhealthy I'm bound to love it.  I work for a couple of venues in San Francisco and the wonderful chef at my main office is always obliging when I request a little snack of fries or fried chicken.  I don't eat any fruit at all - I just don't like it - and the only vegetables I will eat when absolutely forced to do so are carrots, peas, corn, broccolli and brussel sprouts.  I've realized that I can go for days without eating any fresh fruit or vegetables and I really need to change this.  I've ordered a juicer which I'm very excited about!  My hope is that I will make a weekly batches of fresh juice and then can have a glass each mornings so I'm at least getting some nutrition in me!

All tips welcome!

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