Saturday, February 12, 2011

Does the thought really count??

The one downside to staying in on a Friday night is that you have absolutely no excuse whatsoever for not getting up on a Saturday morning and exercising.

Feeling fresh after my ten hour kip I arose this morning energetic and ready to kick-start the exercise portion of this programme.  It was a glorious morning so I decided I'd go for an easy three mile run (two loops around the Panhandle).  There was a pep in my step as I took off down the street and I was loving the feeling of the sun on my skin and my feet pounding the pavement.  Unfortunately however, my body was not as able as I thought it would be.  I barely ran half of one lap around the Panhandle before feeling completely overcome with lethargy and developing a sharp pain between my shoulder blades.  I ran/walked the rest of the first lap before admitting defeat.  I tried to tell myself that pain is temporary and that pride lasts a lifetime before realizing that I just couldn't do it.

So not as successful a morning as I had originally hoped but at least I'm getting out there.  I did follow up when I got back home with some sit ups, squats and leg lifts so hopefully that will count towards something.  Unfortunately when it comes to working out though the thought really doesn't count - I'm only going to get results if I put in the effort.  I'm not going to be deterred by this morning but I definitely need to concentrate on building my fitness levels back up.  Who would have thought I actually was able to run a marathon two years ago - ha!

Also - tip for the day!  According to Jennifer Aniston in this month's People magazine (and my friend Toni's trainer) if you want to have a leaner body you shouldn't eat for an hour after you've worked out.  If you eat straight away this builds muscles - I for one don't need to look any beefier than I already do!  I tried this out this morning and didn't notice an imminent result but I'm positive about the future.....;)

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